02 November 2022

The NTB: new look, new sound

Thanks to Niall Toner, who sends this news on the new configuration of the Niall Toner Band (NTB):

Musicwise, I have been performing with a modified line-up while Johnny Gleeson was away in the US. He was, secretly, purchasing a (another) new Dobro... a whole other story. While he was away we (NTB) have been playing gigs with Paddy Cummins on mandolin, Lily Sheehan on guitar, Andrea Booth on ukulele, Dick Gladney on bass, and yours truly on guitar and mandolin. It's quite amazing just how much it changes our sound, and it's great fun working with younger players of such high calibre. I'm including a couple of photos from our recent show at the GB Shaw Theatre in VISUAL in Carlow.

The photo above shows (l-r) Andrea, Paddy, Lily, Dick, Niall; below, Lily, Niall, Andrea, Dick, Paddy. Niall adds that progress is being made towards a new album...
© Richard Hawkins

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