16 November 2022

Rudy Lyle interview; Grammy nomination for Peter Rowan

The Deering Banjo Company anounce that on Deering Live this coming Thursday (17 Nov.) banjoist and author Max Wareham will be interviewed about his book Rudy Lyle: the unsung hero of the five-string banjo (see the BIB for 28 Aug.). The book was published in late August and is available from the author at $30+postage for hard copy, or $20 for a digital download. The interview can be watched at 11.00 p.m. Irish time on Thursday, either on Deering Live or on YouTube. All episodes of Deering Live are now available as podcasts.

Max Wareham plays banjo for the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band. Fans, friends, and admirers of Peter Rowan, who has visited Ireland several times in his long career, will welcome the news that his latest album Calling you from my mountain, released in late June this year, has been nominated for the bluegrass category in the 2023 Grammy awards. More details, together with the names of other bluegrass and bluegrass-related nominees, are on Bluegrass Today, with special attention to the album on the press releases from Hearth Music and Rebel Records.

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