21 November 2022

Gainsborough old-time festival, 10-12 Feb. 2023

Owing to delay in publishing the next edition of its magazine Old Time News, with full details of the Gainsborough 2023 old-time festival, the Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance (FOAOTMAD), the UK's national old-time association, announce that the festival will be held on the weekend Fri. 10-Sun. 12 Feb. Tickets will be available from 1 December, at £80 (member's full weekend ticket); £105 (non-member's weekend ticket; includes one year's FOAOTMAD membership); and £50 (day ticket).

FOAOTMAD announce: 'As well as a great lineup of artists from the UK, we are also pleased to have Spencer and Rains, Rachel Eddy, and Mitch Depew from the USA.' A great deal of basic info on the festival can already be found here, but the dedicated festival website should be online by the end of this month; meanwhile, anyone needing more information should e-mail Tim Rooke.

© Richard Hawkins

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