24 November 2022

For mouth-harp players

The BIB editor writes:

For most of the first year of the Sackville String Band's existence, though we would have loved to have a fiddler who could play old-time music, a similarly qualified harmonica player would have been a very acceptable substitute. Cary Moskovitz of North Carolina has now brought out an album, North Carolina breakdown, of fourteen fiddle tunes (one of them an original composition) played on harmonicas accompanied by Moskovitz himself on rhythm guitar and banjo. I read the album notes on Bandcamp after hearing the tracks, and it was a surprise to find that the banjos played are 4-strings, both tenor and plectrum;* the banjo parts could well have been played by a 5-string. In any case, the ensemble sound is clear and integrated, and the tunes are set at tempos ranging from easy-going to sprightly. The album ($10 or more as a digital download) is reviewed by Braeden Paul on Bluegrass Today.

*I should have remembered his Duets album with Mark Olitsky (see the BIB for 11 May 2017).

© Richard Hawkins

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