24 November 2022

Billy Strings - from 2017 in North Carolina to 2022 in Dublin

Thanks to Dave Byrne jr of mygrassisblue.com, who announces:

We have a few tickets to give away for the Billy Strings gig in Dublin on 9 December. All the detail can be found on our Facebook page.

Although the gig is officially sold-out, and if the comments on our Facebook post thus far are any indication, there are people offering tickets for the show. Winning, buying, or being gifted a ticket, it’s a performance not to be missed; having seen Billy Strings for the first time back in October 2017 when he was a relative unknown, we’re not surprised he has gone (bluegrass) stratospheric in the five years since. We are, however, surprised it has taken him this long to get to Europe, and are glad Ireland is on the itinerary.

Dave includes this link to the mygrassisblue.com feature on Billy Strings and his band at Bluegrass Island in early October 2017, which has five videos from the show and several photos, including those shown below.
Billy Strings and band on day 4 of the Bluegrass Island Festival,
NC, 7 Oct. 2017

Billy Strings between Dave Byrne sr and jr

© Richard Hawkins

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