02 November 2022

Art Rosenbaum, 6 Dec. 1938-4 Sept. 2022

The BIB learns with great regret of the recent death, just over three months short of his 84th birthday, of Art Rosenbaum. As the obituary in this month's Bluegrass Unlimited states, he 'was a musician, a collector, a producer, an educator and historian, and an author' - and, as shown later in the obituary, a radio presenter and a visual artist. The image on the right is his 2004 self-portrait, and his artwork illustrated his own publications, of which the first was Old-time mountain banjo (1968). Like Pete Seeger's earlier How to play the 5-string banjo, this comprehensively knocks on the head the idea that 'before Scruggs, there was only clawhammer'. His field recordings amply reflected the diversity of old-time music.
© Richard Hawkins



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