19 October 2022

The Big SHEbang Singer-Songwriter Spectacular

Thanks to Pam Gadd and Irene Kelley for separately sending information on the Big SHEbang Bluegrass Singer-Songwriter Spectacular, a three-and-a-half-hour show to be held in Dallas, GA (not TX), on 30 Oct. 2022, starting at 2.00 p.m., and featuring (see photo above, l-r) Irene Kelley, Donna Ulisse, Pam Gadd, and Becky Buller, four of the foremost women bluegrass singer/ songwriters.

The BIB sent Pam an e-mail (she is also a very talented banjoist), and she replied that she would personally love to visit Ireland, and that if anyone here would be interested in a visit by the Big SHEbang members, she could run it past them and see whether it could be done.

Passed to our major event organisers, promoters, and agencies for their consideration and (we hope) action, please.

Update 22 Oct.: The Big SHEbang has now been featured on Bluegrass Today in a detailed article by John Lawless.

© Richard Hawkins

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