25 October 2022

Mark Schatz on Deering Live, 27 Oct. 2022

The Deering Banjo Company announce (links added by BIB):

Old Time Music with Mark Schatz: Mark is most well known for being one of the most in-demand bass players in bluegrass but he is also an outstanding clawhammer banjoist! In 2021 Mark put out a fantastic new recording with fellow old-time musician Bryan McDowell entitled Grit & polish. We're excited to feature Mark & Bryan on Deering Live this Thursday [...]. Get a taste of their music by watching the video below with Mark on his Vega #2 banjo!

The video can be seen on Deering Live or on YouTube. For Halloween, Deering are also marketing long-sleeve T-shirts with an image of a witch riding a banjo instead of a broomstick, and wooden earrings with either a similar witch motif or a banjo with a 'jack-o'-lantern' in the middle of the head.

Update 28 Oct.: The 67-minute interview with Mark Schatz and Bryan McDowell can be seen on YouTube.

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