14 October 2022

Hank Smith (USA) demonstrates the Goodtime Blackgrass Special

Hank Smith (right), whose videos of banjo advice and instruction on the Deering Live channel have often been mentioned on the BIB, demonstrates the Deering Goodtime Blackgrass Special banjo in a two-minute video, playing the tune 'Daybreak of spring', which can also be watched on YouTube. The banjo features a patented Goodtime tone ring, made by Deering; all the wood is maple with a pure black stain, matte black hardware, and a black head, which (say Deering) 'combine to put a dark twist on an otherwise traditional instrument'.

Hank is co-leader, with Pattie Hopkins, of the progressive bluegrass band Hank, Pattie & the Current. He is also a friend of Dublin's own Paddy Kiernan. He and Billie Feather (the Current's guitarist) are expected to be in Dublin from 29 Dec. to 7 Jan. As the Current's YouTube channel and Spotify playlist show, they are masters of a variety of genres as well as bluegrass - folk, jazz, classical, etc. Hank and Billie hope to learn of any gig or workshop opportunities in the Dublin area in that time frame. He can be contacted by e-mail.

© Richard Hawkins

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