17 October 2022

Halloween Special night coming at Dublin bluegrass jam

Thanks again to Patrick Simpson of the Bluestack Mountain Boys / Dublin Bluegrass Collective , who reports on last night's weekly Dublin bluegrass jam at Mother Reilly's, 32 Rathmines Rd Upper, Dublin 6:

Once again it was a great night in Mother Reilly's, Rathmines: we had Karl from Whistle, and Marty Gilroy on mandolin from the Harold's Cross Hillbillies in the Bluestack Mountains, Donegal. He's my new No. 1! DBC you did great, Harold's Cross Hillbillies!
Marty Gilroy, mandolin

We're having a fund-raiser (on 30 Oct., Bank Holiday weekend) for my birthday; you can search for us on MySpace or Jeff Spotify! Fancy dress is required. Thanks for the exposure. We are an Open Circle Jam band with the purpose of keeping Country, don't go changing!
Left, TJ 'Scream'; right, fancy dress from Aidan Mulloy of the Sun Shakers

© Richard Hawkins

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