19 October 2022

Greg Blake: 'From me to we'

A month ago the BIB mentioned that Turnberry Records had just released Greg Blake's latest single, 'From me to we'. At that time John Lawless wrote on Bluegrass Today that Greg (right) 'has certainly got to be in the running for busiest man in bluegrass for 2022'. On this Monday just past, Lawless wrote on Bluegrass Today that

Greg Blake’s may soon be the primary voice you hear on bluegrass radio. With new songs featuring Blake releasing from Special Consensus, Greg’s own solo project People, places, and songs, and a new recording from Greg Blake & Hometown all hitting this season, one might wonder if he were the only guy singing bluegrass.

The new single has a country feel, with tasteful electric guitar, steel guitar, and drums, as well as Aynsley Porchak (fiddle), Jesse Brock (mandolin), and Mark Scharz (bass). An official video, giving the complete lyrics (though with the clarity of Greg's diction, no one should have the slightest difficulty in learning the words), is on Bluegrass Today and YouTube. On the Turnberry press release Greg has explained how he came to write this song about 'the importance of relationships and how precious, yet fragile, they can be'.

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