24 October 2022

Billy Strings

Thanks to Uri Kohen, director of the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, who writes:

On 9 December, Billy Strings will play a sold-out concert in The Academy, Dublin. It is hard to believe that we are going to be lucky enough to see the biggest star of the bluegrass scene of today in such a relatively small venue.

Meanwhile there are people in the bluegrass community that don't like him, simply because he is too popular. Here is a great video about this weird phenomenon of 'hating' Billy Strings. Very well worth a watch.

BIB editor's note: We agree. The video (and the case against hating Billy) is well presented by Marcel Ardans, musician, teacher, and 'bluegrass nerd'.

© Richard Hawkins

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At 11:00 am, Anonymous Denis McCarthy said...

"If you don't like Billy Strings, you're wrong". What an incredibly arrogant statement! Who appointed this gent as adjudicator of right or wrong? My opinion of Mr. Strings, or lack of it, is irrelevant. I would similarly dismiss such a ridiculous pronouncement on Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, New Grass Revival or Leftover Salmon.

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Richard Hawkins said...

It is indeed a challenge, and a more in-your-face one than I'd choose to make. I prefer Oliver Cromwell's gentler 'I beseech you [...], think it possible you may be mistaken.' But though it's a challenge, I don't feel it's a put-down, nor is it a diktat; he does go on to present his case.


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