23 October 2022

Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association - deserving support

Michael Luchtan, who reported on this year's Dunmore East bluegrass festival for Bluegrass Today back in September, is resident in Barcelona and a member of the Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association. He has now reported in Bluegrass Today on the work of the Association in presenting not just the annual Al Ras Festival (coming very soon this year, on 3-6 Nov.) but the programme of regular jams, held three times each month; the annual spring Bluegrass Camp (due next on 3-4 Mar. 2023); and events organised to support visiting artists.

The Association invites support for its activities, which can be made through its Teaming website for a base rate of €1 a month, and/or through its raffle (€5 a ticket). The report includes three videos from the Association's events. BIB readers may recognise, among other musicians, Lluís Gómez and members of his Barcelona Bluegrass Band, who enlivened the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival concerts some years back.

© Richard Hawkins

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