07 September 2022

The Irish element in Andy Leftwich's The American fiddler (for release 28 Oct.)

The latest e-newsletter from the Mountain Home Music Company announces the forthcoming release of The American fiddler, an all-instrumental album by Andy Leftwich, formerly fiddler with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder from 2001 to 2016. Since joining Mountain Home early in 2021, he has released as singles several exciting original compositions which will be on the new album, including 'Through the east gate', 'Over Cincinnati', 'Pikes Peak breakdown', and 'Kimber county'. It is the title track, however, that listeners in this island may particularly want to hear. Leftwich says:

Influenced by Irish and bluegrass fiddling, I wanted to write a piece of music that showcased both styles. [...] This song exemplifies what this entire project is all about, so I thought it was fitting for this to be the title cut. [...] The songs on this album represent some of my favorite styles of fiddling that have been passed down from Scottish, Irish, and Appalachian heritages.

The album is scheduled for release on 28 October and can be pre-ordered now. More details, with links, are on the Mountain Home e-newsletter.

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