28 September 2022

Professional development courses for musicians

In the coming three months, Music Network presents three new online series of 'Taking charge of your performance career', its professional development training programme for professional musicians in Ireland. The three series are:
  • Making music accessible for children with special educational needs (four Zoom workshops, 22 and 29 Oct.);
  • Taking charge of your performance career: Inside the creative process (six Zoom sessions, 14-29 Nov.); 
  • Taking charge of your performance career: Developing essential skills (three-part Zoom series on developing resilience, networking skills, and stage presence (12-14 Dec.),
Not many of us in bluegrass on this side of the Atlantic have a professional musical career, but similar sessions and seminars are being held this week in Raleigh, NC, during the IBMA's World Of Bluegrass, and annually in the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass programme.

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