12 September 2022

Nu-Blu - more from Ireland

On 6 Sept. the BIB reported on the US contemporary bluegrass band Nu-Blu and their 'Ireland along the way' tour, which began this past weekend. Nu-Blu now announce that this week's half-hour episode of 'Bluegrass Ridge', the weekly TV series which they host, will present more on-location features from Ireland, plus the second half of an interview with Ronnie Norton (right), host of 'Bluegrass and beyond' on Bluegrass Country Radio. Details of the band's tour schedule in Ireland, and locations of the venues where they may be playing, are apparently reserved for those who are on the tour.

Update 16 Sept.: Bluegrass Today carries a report by Tara Linhardt, with two dozen photos and a video, of a historic celebration last Saturday (10 Sept.) of the founders of what became Bluegrass Country. The first show in the lineage was broadcast on 2 July 1967 (the same day on which the BIB editor and his lovely wife Carol were married).

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