02 September 2022

News from FOAOTMAD - not just for old-time fans

Thanks to the blog of FOAOTMAD, the UK's national association for American old-time music and dance, for its two latest news items. First: the Slocan Ramblers, whose most recent visit here was in May, began last night (1 Sept.) a tour of Britain, playing fifteen shows up to 18 Sept. FOAOTMAD remind old-time fans:

While primarily known as a bluegrass band, the Slocan Ramblers perform a wide range of acoustic styles which certainly include old-time music. Banjoist Frank Evans is recognised as one of the finest clawhammer players on the contemporary scene, and uses both banjo styles within the band’s repertoire. He started out playing clawhammer and was mentored by Chris Coole from an early age. Frank is also a member of the Tune Hash old-time collective, alongside fiddler George Jackson and a host of other stellar players [links added by the BIB].

So: unfortunately, no part of the tour is in this island (the nearest show as the crow flies is at St David's, Pembrokeshire), but if you have friends in Britain or may find yourself near any of the locations, the complete schedule (with links for online booking) is shown here.

Secondly, Su & Jules's Online Old Time Session has been running sessions on Zoom since Mar. 2020. With the return of live music, online attenders are fewer; but Su and Jules are maintaining the Zoom sessions, as

[...] these sessions also benefit those who don’t drive or travel at night, or are physically unable to travel [or, perhaps, are in a different country - BIB editor]. I would like to push these sessions in the future for that very purpose to provide that opportunity for people. Slow jams have also been a major success where you can learn a range of instruments and not worry about being heard if you are working a tune or chords out. [...] These sessions are free and donations can be made.

Full details for joining the Zoom events are on their website.

© Richard Hawkins

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