29 September 2022

Familiar faces in photos from IBMA WOB 2022

During the IBMA World Of Bluegrass, now in progress, innumerable photographs of the artists (and others) in Raleigh are being taken, and some of special interest to bluegrass fans in Ireland are appearing on Bluegrass Today (BT).

Frank Baker's twenty-two pics from Tuesday night includes shots of Rick Faris, Becky Buller, Missy Raines (with Ellie Hakanson and Tristan Scroggins in her band), and two photos of The Foreign Landers (David Benedict and Tabitha Benedict (née Agnew), well known to us all as banjo player with Cup O' Joe and Midnight Skyracer). Bill Warren's eighteen photos from the same evening include Rick Faris again and Kristy Cox.

Tabitha Benedict appears in more Frank Baker photos from the Momentum Awards show, which she hosted, being a previous Momentum Award winner. One of these photos shows her with George Jackson, who won an Instrumentalist award this year. She and David Benedict appear in two monochrome photos by Jeromie Stephens, among twenty posted on BT yesterday. More photos from the World Of Bluegrass will continue to appear on BT.

© Richard Hawkins

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