05 September 2022

Colton Crawford of the Dead South on Deering Live

The featured artist on Deering Live last Thursday was Colton Crawford, banjo player in the Dead South (also on Facebook). The Canadian roots-music four-piece is described as a 'rock band without a drummer, a bluegrass band without a fiddler'; as a string band with mandolin, banjo, guitar, and cello (worn on a sling, somewhat like a bass guitar), they have a strong appeal for young audiences who don't follow bluegrass or old-time music.

Colton Crawford plays both clawhammer and three-finger style, using a Deering Vega Little Wonder and Saratoga Star as his main instruments. Thursday night's interview can be seen on Deering Live and YouTube; the first piece played is a Crawford composition, using clawhammer technique in 6/8 time.

© Richard Hawkins

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