24 August 2022

'The mountains are calling for me' from Seth Mulder & Midnight Run

Seth Mulder & Midnight Run (who headlined Bluegrass Omagh 2022 in May as part of the European tour organised for them by Wicklow's mygrassisblue.com agency) will have their new album In dreams I go back released on Friday next week (2 Sept.) on the Mountain Fever Records label. In advance, Mountain Fever announce the release of a single, 'The mountains are calling for me'.

The Mountain Fever press release provides a link to YouTube for a live performance of the song by the band on stage at Nashville's Station Inn in July 2021. The studio recording can be heard on Bluegrass Today and on the band's YouTube channel. The single is available on download and streaming services, and the album can be pre-ordered from Midnight Run's website.

© Richard Hawkins

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