18 August 2022

Russ Carson's take on 'Bugle call rag'

Almost exactly two years ago (21 Aug. 2020) the BIB published a post on Russell 'Russ' Carson', who (among his other distinctions) has one great-grandparent from Co. Cavan and another from Co. Antrim. A day short of two weeks ago (5 Aug. 2022), the Engelhardt Music Group (EMG) announced that he had signed with them and released his first single on their label, from a full album which is to appear later this autumn.

The new single, 'Bugle call rag', features Stuart Duncan (fiddle), Jake Workman (guitar), Aaron Ramsey (mandolin), and Mike Bub (bass). You can hear it via links in the EMG press release, in John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today, and on the EMG YouTube channel. All these give more details about Russ Carson and the recording, as does the Wilson Pickins Promotions press release.

© Richard Hawkins

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