19 August 2022

Eleven years of Frank Wakefield Band videos

Jim Moss and Frank Wakefield

Jim Moss, longtime fiddler for the bluegrass band headed by the legendary mandolinist Frank Wakefield (b. 26 June 1934), has a website packed with invaluable memoirs; reviews; interviews; instructional material; photo, audio, and video galleries - an archive and treasury for anyone who has been bitten good and hard by the bluegrass bug. Because of its value, the BIB mentioned the website as long ago as 2006. Noticing this, Jim sends this welcome news:

You might know some bluegrass musicians who would be interested in our shows from the 2000s. Feel free to list these links on your website too. There will be more going up there. I videotaped most of our shows from 1997 to 2007. I am just now getting around to uploading them to YouTube.

You can see all of my videos on my YouTube Channel jmoss99. There are playlists too which hook together the shows.

Many thanks to Jim for this. As a taster, the video below, showing the classic 'New Camptown races' played by the composer himself, comes from a playlist of eighteen videos, filmed when the Frank Wakefield Band played at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, OH, on 16 Nov. 2002. The band is in splendid form throughout.

© Richard Hawkins

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