15 July 2022

We Banjo 3's Open the road released and reviewed

Galway's We Banjo 3, kings of Celtgrass, announce the release today (15 July) of their new album Open the road, which can be heard now on one's prefered platform. The band invite feedback from fans on the album and the songs: 'Which ones move you? Which ones make you want to dance? Which ones make you want to call your bestie and make road trip plans?'

A video premiere party will be held live on YouTube at 7.00 p.m. Irish time a week from now (22 July), which will also celebrate the band's ten years together. In addition, Cillea Houghton's review on No Depression, 'Humanity hums through We Banjo 3’s Open the road affirms that the new album 'captures the essence of bluegrass with organic banjo and fiddle melodies that evoke warm vibes and lyrics that feel like a welcoming embrace'. The review includes two YouTube videos.
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