31 July 2022

New releases from Ragged Union (USA) (update)

Thanks to Geoff Union, founder and leader of Ragged Union, for the news that the band's latest album, Round feet, chrome smile, is scheduled for release on 30 Sept., with a single, 'Somebody call the doctor', due out on 3 Aug. and a video premiere on Glide Magazine the day before.

Ragged Union describe their music as 'original bluegrass with modern songwriting and arrangements', and plenty of it can be heard on their website and Facebook. They have toured throughout the USA, in China, and in England (which resulted in Live in Leeds, in addition to their two previous studio albums). The band presently consists of Geoff (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Elio Schiavo (mandolin, vocals), and Rebekah Durham (fiddle, vocals). Geoff writes that despite their tours in England, 'we unfortunately were unable to make it to the better island.'

Update 7 Sept.: Ragged Union are releasing today their single 'Lazy ol' daddy', which can be heard on Bluegrass Today and on YouTube.

© Richard Hawkins

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