20 July 2022

New Dublin Bluegrass Collective open jam session: EVERY SUNDAY

Thanks to Patrick Simpson of the Dublin Bluegrass Collective (aka the Bluestack Mountain Boys) for this welcome news of the new weekly bluegrass jam session at Mother Reilly's, 32 Rathmines Road Upper, Dublin 6, from 7.00 to 11.00 p.m. every Sunday:

Last Sunday we began our new open jam session in Mother Reilly's to a busy beer garden and we were received very well by the bar and its patrons. We hope to bring lots of energy to this one and hope that once the word gets out, we will have loads of musicians turning up to play and perform their songs with us.

We invite any bluegrass musicians, both professional and amateur, to come join us for a pick, whether they are new to the genre or professional touring musicians. We hope to create a new international hub for anyone travelling to Dublin with their instruments, and encourage musicians to pick and perform with us using the Pete Wernick method of Jam Essentials as a blueprint. Of course we are always willing to go above and beyond, so singer/songwriters and cover songs are both equally acceptable, just as long as they have a country and bluegrass feel. In any case, it's going to be the hottest new jam session in South Dublin.

As a side note, thank you for putting Lukas Halter (visiting banjo player from Switzerland) in touch with me [see the BIB for 27 June]; we all enjoyed a fine evening of music with him in Kavanagh's Pub, Aughrim St., last Wednesday at the Dangerfield bluegrass night that is on there every Wednesday from 8.00 to 10.00 p.m. We hope to see more of this kind of thing at Mother Reilly's on Sundays, as the Wednesday night at Kavanagh's has now been cancelled indefinitely. Thank you to all who came out in support. We hope to see you at Mother Reilly's on Sundays, 7.00-11.00 p.m., for some fine bluegrass music.
(R-l) Anto Griffen, Luke Coffey, TJ Screene, Lukas Halter, Patrick Simpson, Pedro

© Richard Hawkins

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