22 July 2022

Martin Howley speaks for We Banjo 3

This month's cover story for the Bluegrass Situation online magazine (BGS) is a substantial feature by Kira Grunenberg, who has interviewed Martin Howley (tenor banjo, mandolin, vocals) of We Banjo 3 by Zoom. The occasion was the release of the group's latest album Open the road, marking their ten years together so far.

The result is 'In a time of fear, We Banjo 3 make a brave statement on "Open the road"', which goes fairly deeply into the members' backgrounds, the bonds that connect them and form their approach to music, how these have developed, and their songwriting processes. The feature includes videos from YouTube of the songs 'Gift of life', 'Open the road', 'Hummingbird', and 'Garden song'.

© Richard Hawkins

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