24 June 2022

We Banjo 3 release 'Gift of life'

As reported on the BIB on 4 June, Galway's We Banjo 3, kings of Celtgrass, invited their fans and friends to send in appropriate footage for use in the official music video for the band's song 'Gift of life'; a song 'about how sometimes you might have to stumble into the unknown and trust yourself to choose the right turns'. (Followers of the Special Consensus will remember that the video for the Special C. recording of the Greg Brown song 'Early' was made with photos sent in by their friends and fans.)

We Banjo 3 now announce that the video for 'Gift of life' is here on YouTube, together with a minute-and-a-half video in which the band comment on the song.

© Richard Hawkins

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