08 June 2022

'Trout don't live in ugly places' from Milan Miller

Fishing has been a favourite pursuit for more than one notable member of the Irish bluegrass and old-time scenes, and they should appreciate the latest recording by Milan Miller, the well-respected bluegrass songwriter who has often visited this island. His song 'Trout don't live in ugly places' was written with Beth Holland. However, John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today quotes him as saying that it is 'a song about fish that really has very little to do with fishing at all'. His website states: 'Hidden just beneath the surface of the quirky and comical title, this new single offers a great reminder about the simple pleasures and restorative powers of the great outdoors.' It can be heard on all streaming platforms, on Bluegrass Today, and on YouTube.

© Richard Hawkins

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