10 June 2022

Stillhouse Junkies on their way to Westport, England, and Rotterdam

Colorado's Stillhouse Junkies (Cody Tinnin, bass; Alissa Wolf, fiddle; and Fred Kosak, guitar) are featured on Bluegrass Unlimited in an article by John Lawless entitled 'Stillhouse Junkies heading for the UK', which however does make it clear that their first stop will be this weekend's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, and that this is not in the UK. The article also lists the eight dates they will be playing in England before crossing to the Netherlands for the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival.

It's worth repeating here what John Lawless wrote on Bluegrass Today on 14 May: 'The hands down favorites at the 2021 World of Bluegrass convention were Stillhouse Junkies, who won over every audience they appeared before...'

© Richard Hawkins

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