17 June 2022

Peter Rowan remembers Sligo in 'A winning hand'

Thanks to Hearth Music for a press release on the new album Calling you from my mountain by the great Peter Rowan. The release announces that an audio track from the album, Rowan's 'A winning hand', has been premiered by Garden & Gun magazine. In the feature, Matt Hendrickson calls the song '... a piece of Rowan nostalgia, contemplating the restlessness of his decades of work and finding comfort in one of his favorite places, the shores of Ireland'.

Rowan is quoted as dating the song from before he moved to Texas from Nashville in 1990, and recalls a beach in Sligo on 'a bright clear morning after an all-night jam with Bill Keith and Jim Rooney'. The album is due out a week from now (24 June 2022) and can be pre-ordered here.

© Richard Hawkins

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