06 May 2022

Stillhouse Junkies release 'Colorado bound' (update)

Colorado's Stillhouse Junkies (Cody Tinnin, bass; Alissa Wolf, fiddle; and Fred Kosak, guitar), who are on the bill for the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival next month, are releasing today their new single 'Colorado bound' on Stephen Mougin's Dark Shadow Recording label. Written by Fred Kosak, the song tells the story of his grandfather Al Kosak, driving the family Ford station wagon from Duluth, Minnesota, out to the Pacific Ocean in the early 1950s at a steady 35 mph for fuel economy. The band's official video of the song can be seen and heard on YouTube. More details are on the Dark Shadow press release.

Update 14 May: On Bluegrass Today, John Lawless writes: 'The hands down favorites at the 2021 World of Bluegrass convention were Stillhouse Junkies, who won over every audience they appeared before...'

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