18 May 2022

Slocan Ramblers: new album due out 10 June 2022 (update)

Canada's Slocan Ramblers, who first toured Ireland in October 2017 and returned two years later, are on the bill for this year's Bluegrass Omagh festival, taking place on the weekend 28-29 May.

Earlier this year (22 March) the BIB relayed news from a Hearth Music press release on the Ramblers' coming album Up the hill and through the fog, when a single from it was released - their version of the Tom Petty song 'A mind with a heart of its own'. The album is due for release on 10 June. The latest press release from Hearth Music includes a video (also on YouTube) of another song from the album, 'I don't know'.

There's also a video of the Ramblers' banjo-player Frank Evans in a clawhammer-banjo duet with Billy Strings. Earlier this week Billy Strings was nominated for the Americana Music Association Artist of the Year award; he and his band are scheduled to play in Dublin on 9 December 2022.

Update 7 June: The official video of 'I don't know' can now be seen on YouTube and on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.

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