03 May 2022

Old-time sessions - mapped and listed

Thanks to the news blog of FOAOTMAD, the UK's national association for American old-time music and dance, for the news that the association's map of old-time sessions in Britain and Ireland has now been brought up to date, together with a corresponding list of the sessions, organised by counties.

As FOAOTMAD states that the information is up to date, the BIB notes that four sessions are shown in the island of Ireland:
  • Cork: Two sessions (Sunday and Monday night, both at 8.00 p.m.) at the Corner House, 7 Coburg St., Cork city T23 FW10
  • Dublin: Bill Whelan's nearly-quarter-century-established session (Saturday, 4.30-7.00 p.m.) at the Cobblestone, 77 North King St., Dublin city D07 TP22
  • Sligo: Friday from 8.30 p.m. at McLynn's, Old Market St., Abbeyquarter North, Sligo town
In all cases the map notes advise prospective visitors to contact the venues for confirmation that the sessions are taking place. The BIB hopes this information will come to the attention of matchbookholder, who will be in Dublin from today to 8 May (see the BIB for 20 April).

© Richard Hawkins

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