21 May 2022

Danny Paisley confronts throat cancer (Updates)

Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass at Omagh 2008 (photo: Norman and Heather Brown)

Danny Paisley, one of the most respected singers and bandleaders in traditional bluegrass, announced yesterday on his Facebook that he has been diagnosed with oropharyngeal (throat) cancer. Fortunately, the cancer is small and develops slowly, and the early diagnosis - coupled with Danny's highly positive attitude - gives a very good chance of successful treatment and full recovery. The course of treatment begins next month. More details are given by John Lawless on Bluegrass Today.

Danny Paisley first played in Ireland in the mid 1990s as a member of Southern Grass, led by his father Bob. Since Bob's death in 2004, Danny has led the band, who were headliners at the Omagh festival in 2008. Both occasions fully demonstrated how powerful and intense a traditional bluegrass band can be.

Update 23 May: A GoFundMe campaign to help with medical expenses has been set up by Danny's friends and fans in the California Bluegrass Association. The target is $47,000.

Update 24 May: See also Richard Thompson's article on Bluegrass Today.

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