06 May 2022

Brazil, Galway, and Bluegrass Today

Wagner Creoruska and his band O Bardo e o Banjo, who are active in making bluegrass music and the 5-string banjo widely known in Brazil (see the BIB for 3 Apr. 2022) are featured on Bluegrass Today in an interview article by Lee Zimmerman. Their album O tempo e a memoria, mentioned by Zimmerman, was recorded and produced by Galway's own representative of Brazilian bluegrass, César Benzoni, who is a sound engineer, video maker, operator of the Yodel Recording Services studio, mandolin- and guitar-player in the Galway-based Rocky River Bluegrass Show, and also a friend of Wagner Creoruska. César's YouTube channel is well worth visiting for instruction, advice, instrument reviews, and much more.

© Richard Hawkins

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