20 April 2022

Duhallow Bluegrass Sessions: first series, Apr.-May-June 2022

Thanks to Owen Schinkel of the duo Long Way Home for this welcome news of a new programme of bluegrass events in north Co. Cork:

Since things are somewhat back to normal now, I felt like this is the time to re-connect and connect to fellow bluegrass enthusiasts once again. I created an event series in Cork which runs from April to June this year and is focused around bluegrass music.

The name of the series is the Duhallow Bluegrass Sessions. Each event will feature a Cork-based guest artist or group who will get a short set to perform their own music. When the guest artist is finished up, we'll move some tables and chairs around and start a jam session. The guest artist will participate and so will our music duo Long Way Home. Key is that that the events are free, inclusive, and family-friendly. The location of the events is Bobs Bar & Restaurant on 16 Percival St. in Kanturk, which is in North Cork. The event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/3278161945799351/3278161962466016/".

Perhaps this is of interest to the readers. It should be a good time, and I'm very thankful for the support from the local County Cork Arts Office and all the artists who are set to perform during the event series. If people have any questions about it they can reach out to me at 089 613 3817 or e-mail at owen@longwayhomeduo.com.
The artists taking part in this first series of the Duhallow Sessions, as shown above, are:
© Richard Hawkins

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