20 April 2022

Any old-time jams in Dublin on 22-3 April or 3-8 May 2022?

On a post that appeared on the BIB nearly eleven years ago (illustrated with the photo of Bill Whelan shown on the right), a correspondent identified only as matchbookholder sent two days ago a comment that reads:

I will be in Dublin April 22-23 and May 3-8 and thereabouts. Are there any old-time jams happening?

As this message was received as a comment, we have no means of replying directly to matchbookholder and no address to pass on to anyone else who might want to reply. At present, the BIB also has no news of old-time activity to pass on to him/ her/ them. If anyone on the old-time scene in Dublin has news of activity in the time-frames shown, please let the BIB know and it will be published at once.

© Richard Hawkins

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