21 March 2022

IBMA World Of Bluegrass news, and 'The banjo legacy of J.D. Crowe'

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) announces the initial lineup for the IBMA Bluegrass Live!® section of its annual convention and festival, IBMA World Of Bluegrass, to be held at the end of September in Raleigh, NC - marking ten years of Raleigh being the host city for the event. The IBMA also sends a reminder to anyone who wishes to take active part in the event that applications are open till the end of this month. Tickets and hotel reservations will be available to IBMA members from 5 April 2022. More details are in the IBMA's press release.

The IBMA's March e-newsletter includes a mention that the eighty-five-minute Zoom discussion 'The banjo legacy of J.D. Crowe', featuring banjo players Bill Evans, Ron Block, and Ron Stewart, can now be seen on YouTube. Donations to the IBMA Trust Fund can be made via this link, but at present the IBMA is unable to accept online donations that are not from US banks.

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