15 March 2022

César Benzoni, Roger Green, and Fergus Packman sing 'Blue Ridge'

Thanks to César Benzoni (left) - sound engineer, video maker, operator of the Yodel Recording Services studio, and mandolin- and guitar-player in the Rocky River Bluegrass Show based in Galway - for the latest video to appear on his YouTube channel. Yesterday (14 Mar.) César added this video, recorded in 2018,

... a few months after arriving in Ireland. Soon I met some great people to play bluegrass with, in this case, Roger Green (mandolin and vocals) and Fergus Packman (bass and vocals). This was one of our favorites to play and sing harmonies and it's called 'Blue Ridge'.

Roger Green, with a long and distinguished bluegrass career, has brought his band Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition over to Ireland for several very welcome tours over the years. César has been giving advice and instruction in harmony singing (together with much more) on his YouTube channel. Earlier this year he recorded 'Blind Bartimus' as an a cappella quartet.

César is originally from Brazil, where he ran the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association in succession to its founder, Erio Meili. He will be one of the artists featured in this year's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival.

© Richard Hawkins

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