15 March 2022

7th Barcelona Bluegrass Camp, 4-5 Mar. 2022

Michael Luchtan and Xavier Cardus of the organising team of the 7th Barcelona Bluegrass Camp have contributed a major report on the event to Bluegrass Today. Details of the instructors can also be seen here, and several of the names will be familiar in Ireland: Lluís Gómez, together with Maribel Rivero and Joan Pau Cumellas, who came over as members of the Barcelona Bluegrass Band to successive Johnny Keenan Banjo Festivals; and Paul van Vlodrop, who has been over playing mandolin with 4 Wheel Drive and (most recently in Jan. 2020) banjo with the Sons of Navarone. Eugene O'Brien, born in Dublin and now chairman of the European Bluegrass Music Association, shared the bluegrass banjo instruction with Lluís Gómez.

The report includes two videos and a dozen photographs. The Camp's Facebook announces that John Reischman (USA) will be teaching mandolin at next year's event.

© Richard Hawkins

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