17 February 2022

'Aidan McGale remembered' on Bluegrass Today

Yesterday (16 Feb.) Richard Thompson's article 'Aidan McGale remembered' became the most comprehensive, in-depth, and informative account of a member of the bluegrass scene in this island that has appeared to date on Bluegrass Today. The text includes contributions from Frank Galligan, Declan O'Kane (fellow member of the Knotty Pine String Band), and others who knew Aidan. With one video of the Knotty Pines with Aidan singing the Jim Croce song 'Thursday' (the band subsequently dedicated this video to his memory), and a further twenty-minute video of the Knotty Pines on stage at the 2016 Omagh bluegrass festival, this obituary and tribute gives ample evidence of the high regard and affection in which he was held.

The photo above of the Knotty Pine String Band shows (l-r) Aidan McGale (bass, vocals), Declan O'Kane (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Tony Hutchinson (guitar, vocals), and Seamus McGurgan (banjo, dobro).

© Richard Hawkins

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