08 December 2021

US musicians to tour in Britain, Feb. 2022

The FOAOTMAD news blog announces that Chris Testerman (fiddle) and Jackson Cunningham (guitar) of the Cabin Creek Boys old-time band from Virginia will be touring in Britain in mid February 2022, with British musician Nick Pimbert on banjo. At present five dates between 11 and 20 February are announced, with more to be announced. The tour begins with FOAOTMAD's 2022 Gainsborough old-time festival (11-13 Feb.).

FOAOTMAD also report on the coming 'Steps from the heart' step-dance project by April Verch and UK dancer Simon Harmer, which will be presented live on Zoom on 8-9 Jan. (see the BIB for 8 Nov.).

And of the two Dave Stacy banjos announced for sale last month (see the BIB for 12 Nov.), the 'Tubebuster' built in 2020 has now been sold; the reconditioned 1923 Bacon and Day with a new Stacy neck is still available.

© Richard Hawkins

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