30 December 2021

'The Earth is getting ready' from the McKernans

The BIB editor writes:

Many thanks to our friends in Australia, the McKernan family, whose 'browngrass' music has often been featured on the BIB in the past. Nine days ago Joe and Nancy McKernan sent us this link to the Christmas Spectacular of the Bruderhof religious community to which they belong - a ninety-minute concert of music from many countries celebrating Christmas. Nancy's own composition 'The Earth is getting ready' is the first song, performed by the whole family in the midst of Australian countryside.

Joe and Nancy write that the song is 'not exactly bluegrass', but it's not hard to imagine it being sung by an old-time band, or a bluegrass band that leans towards the old-time. Apologies for not sharing this before Christmas, but it is no less topical for the BIB's delay.

© Richard Hawkins



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