20 December 2021

Good things from BU

Corresponding with the focus on the Stanley Brothers in the Dec. 2021 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, the 58th BU newsletter has a podcast interview with Gary Reid, who probably knows more about the Stanleys and their music than anyone else in the world; a Spotify playlist drawn from their recordings; and two archive articles from the Aug. 2016 issue following the death of Ralph Stanley.

Other good things include the seventh instalment of the special series of articles on Bill Emerson, covering the beginning of the 1970s when he rejoined the Country Gentlemen for what was to be one of the peak periods in the band's history. The Gents, with Emerson, feature prominently in the 1971 film Bluegrass country soul, which was recently re-released in a deluxe edition. The next instalment will cover Emerson's opening up a new career path for bluegrass musicians.

© Richard Hawkins

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