27 December 2021

Christmas greetings

The BIB gratefully received and cordially reciprocates the seasonal greetings received from all sources, including the venues in Ireland that have welcomed visiting bluegrass and old-time acts in the past and will do so again (we hope) before too long, with the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre at Naul, Co. Dublin, as an example;
- our visitors, of whom Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers (above) are among the most recent - see their latest e-newsletter;
- and outfits such as Compass Records (above) who are an essential part of the bluegrass world; Compass, for instance, is the company that records our multi-award-winning old friends the Special Consensus (below).
To complete the circle, we find that the January 2022 schedule of the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre had included for Saturday 29 January a show by the Special Consensus with tickets at €20. This show, and the whole tour, are now of course regrettably postponed; but it's a bittersweet pleasure to know that we were so close to being able to see and hear a band of this calibre once again.

© Richard Hawkins

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