07 November 2021

Wanted - news of bluegrass activity in Dublin (update)

The BIB editor writes:

The BIB has received an inquiry from Debbie Splash, who joined Blogger this month, and asks: 'Any blue grass in Dublin in November/ December?'

The inquiry came in the form of a comment on the calendar for 2020-21, so there is no return address. We hope Debbie is keeping an eye on the calendar, where we've posted the following reply:

If there is to be any, no public announcement of it has yet (7 Nov.) been made. The likeliest place to see news of bluegrass activity in Dublin is the Dublin Bluegrass Collective Facebook - see the BIB's sidebar. If the BIB receives any news, it will go on our calendar, with a corresponding post on the front page.

Update: Here's the welcome sequel to this post.

© Richard Hawkins

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At 1:05 pm, Blogger phantompicker said...

Hi Richard, we are still waiting for our return to residency in SINE Bar Dublin. We were told they would have us back possibly January or maybe before Christmas due to the fact that they are currently operating as a venue only. We look forward to having an "Open Jam Session" once again and will let you know when that is happening. You can follow us on FB at "The Bluestack Mountain Boys" FB page as the "Dublin Bluegrass" page was sadly Aran Sheehan's page RIP. We've had an exciting summer of Garden picks with great food and drink and banter. New Bluegrassers and visitors are always welcome to join us in the meantime for Kitchen pickin'at our respective households. Kind regards, Patrick Simpson


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