25 November 2021

Is there a Tranjo in the island?

The Gold Tone Music Group send Thanksgiving Day greetings (right); the image shows a banjo, but Gold Tone also supply other bluegrass instruments and the accompanying message says 'We are grateful for all of you!', so non-banjoists should not feel excluded.

Gold Tone have also sold (under licence) instruments built to the specifications of other makers (such as Beard resonator guitars). Instruments in this category have included the Tranjo, devised by the Farris Travel Banjo Company of Tennessee.

The BIB editor would be glad to hear from any BIB reader in the island of Ireland who has a Tranjo that they might be willing to part with. The main requirement is that it should be capable of taking the silent practice option kit - that is, any Tranjo model (including the Gold Tone version) except the Tranjo Express III. If you have one (with or without that option), please e-mail the editor, attaching photos of it if possible.

© Richard Hawkins

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