23 November 2021

Dan Eubanks and the Travel Bass

When live gigs return here, bass players will again be faced with the demands of transporting their instrument - quite enough of a challenge even over the distance from the car to the stage, and potentially a nightmare when it comes to flying. Dan Eubanks, well known to bluegrass audiences in Ireland from successive tours with the Special Consensus, reviews in Bluegrass Today the Travel Bass, made in Italy. Dan makes very specific demands of a bass, and his full account of how the Travel Bass meets those demands is well worth reading for all bassists who travel. As can be seen from the image above of the instrument in its case, it is not only compact but elegant, and the Travel Bass website is also a treat for the eyes.

Update 24 Nov.: See also the 'Fold-a-bassist' item in Chris Jones's post on gift ideas in his 'From the side of the road' series.

© Richard Hawkins

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