10 November 2021

A neat arrangement

The BIB editor writes:

Thanks again to Bluegrass Today for the news that the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, Massachussetts, centre of live bluegrass activity in the Boston area for many years, is resuming weekly bluegrass shows and jam sessions, with improved facilities, after closure during the pandemic. The Grand Reopening Party is scheduled for Tuesday 7 December. 'Bluegrass Tuesdays' are being organised by musician Tony Watt, who is quoted as saying:

As in the past, Bluegrass Tuesdays at the Cantab will consist of three different groups playing music upstairs, as well as all-night jamming downstairs.

When Carol and I were taken there by our Boston host in 2002, the Cantab had a different programme: the evening began with an open jam of up to an hour, with between ten and twenty assorted pickers. This was followed by an onstage set by the house band using a sound system, and then by two sets from the guest band who headed the bill. This struck us as a neat arrangement, giving participation time to pickers on different levels. The later system described by Tony Watt, however, certainly caters both for those whose main interest is in jamming, and for those who want to spend the evening at a formal show - or to switch between the two.

© Richard Hawkins

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