19 October 2021

The latest BBN

The latest issue (no. 95, autumn 2021) of British Bluegrass News (BBN), journal of the British Bluegrass Music Asociation, maintains its high standards of presentation and solid content. The features this time include four 'event retrospectives' on live bluegrass and old-time festivals that have been held this year in the UK and a similar feature on a 'music camp' event, all of which seem to have been very successful. Sierra Hull is the US artist featured by Chris Courogen, while Maria Wallace of the True North Music agency writes about Leanne Thorose, Emma John, and herself, all British nominees for IBMA awards this year. (Did you know, by the way, that Leanne Thorose has also played lead fiddle in the Essence of Ireland dance show?)

Among other features, Jack Baker's 'Tab corner' in this issue is devoted to the tune 'Gold rush' as a tribute to its composer, the late Byron Berline (see the BIB for 10 and 13 July). Tabs are given for fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

© Richard Hawkins

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